What are the side effects of an upper eyelid tuck

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http://www.lyoneyecosmetic.com | Side-effects of upper eyelid tucks depend upon the age and overall health of the patient. Bruising and welling can be reduced in the post-operative period by using ice-packs.

Healing is accelerated by up to 30 {8b025a365d039515a573f0edce8a29bce5322c6782fbf004ef313f93ea991d89} by appropriate exercise and best results are seen at 12 months. Common side effects include suture lumps and bumps which resolve with time, patience and gentle massage. Patients who have weak levator muscles prior to their lift may notice a little unevenness in lid height and width of the eye aperture. This weakness is discussed individually with each patient prior to surgery.

Overall, over the last 30 years our happiest patients at Lyon Eye cosmetic are those that have had their upper eyelids tucked.

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