FAQ: Cosmetic Procedures

Who is a good candidate for a cosmetic procedure?

The best candidates are men & women between the age of 30 and 90 years of age. Those suffering from familial brow & lid droop with excess skin around the eyes can expect good results. Asian eyelids can be lifted with or without creation of the double eyelid effect.

Necks and jowls can be treated separately, depending upon your budget, but best results are achieved when treated together. Midface and lower eyelid repairs work best when done together, and are our office speciality. Those candidates who are not quite ready for surgery, will benefit from our in-office tissue expansion procedures on the lower eyelids.

How long is my recovery?

Recovery after outpatient surgery is relatively rapid. Stiches are removed 4-10 days & most bruising clears after 7-10 days, with swelling subsiding after 1-20 days. Facelifts may heal quicker, with midface lifts & lower lids taking a little longer. Exercise & good health can speed healing by 30{8b025a365d039515a573f0edce8a29bce5322c6782fbf004ef313f93ea991d89}. Best results are seen at 12 months.

What are my financial considerations?

A Consult at Lyon EyeCosmetic enables you to review planned procedures such as face or brow lifts & their costs directly with Dr. Lyon. Consults are free if you proceed with your surgery, against which your deposit is applied. Some severe lid droop may be covered by your insurance.

What can I expect to look like?

Expectations of post procedure appearance are reviewed with you by Dr. Lyon personally. As a DoubleBoard Certified Ophthalmologist, and OculoFacial Surgeon, with thousands of happy patients, our goal at Lyon EyeCosmetic is to produce happy eyes and a natural fresh & youthful look to your face & neck.

What are the side-effects of my procedures?

Surgery is generally safe. As with all procedures some risk exists Bruising can occur, but usually goes away quickly. Exercise and special supplements reduce inflammation quicker.

If you have a history of blood thinner use such as: Coumadin, gingko, vitamin E, fish oil, aspirin & others, you will be advised to stop or reduce these before facelifts and other procedures.

Eyelid closure with Dr. Lyon’s techniques usually is normal after your procedures, but ointments for your eyes may be prescribed during healing, particularly if you have had a history of thyroid or dry eye problems.

Serious problems are rare, with vision loss thought to be less than 1 in 15,000. Infection & scars occur infrequently outside your lid folds. Suture lumps usually disappear after massage and patience, but you may feel them beneath your skin when you apply lotions.

Tissue expansion procedures are expected to swell the skin around your eyes and this puffiness will resolve with time & massage.


What is Concierge Care?

Many of our patients fondly remember the warm relationship with our office in pre-managed care days, without all these insurance mandated cost cutting measures

With expanding government control of medicine, to satisfy the policies of an anybody-else-but-me-pay-for–my medical care, patients are sadly being groomed to accept minimal, basic second rate rationed, medical care in shabby government run clinics from “providers’ or nurses. Access to highly trained Specialists will be restricted as in HMO medicine.

Fortunately, you now have an alternative. Many of our patients have chosen to move up, away from managed care insurance, to Concierge Care. As our practice matures, we have more and more happy, satisfied and delightful patients, enjoying quality medical care with our expanding Concierge Care program.

Future access to an English trained, quadruple degreed, Double Board Certified Ophthalmologist & OculoFacial Surgeon is guaranteed through our Concierge Care Program, which embodies many of the facets of traditional care. Moreover, many of our Concierge Care patients are very active in their own health care maintenance, which Doctors encourages with education and attentive lifestyle counseling.

As our Newport practice evolves and grows, more and more of our appointment slots are being filled with patients who chose to avoid managed care restrictions and opt for total quality care. The future practice will be 100{8b025a365d039515a573f0edce8a29bce5322c6782fbf004ef313f93ea991d89} Concierge Care, and you are invited to join our select group, whilst openings are still available.

Please remember, You deserve the very best care. You are worth it! So, if you are considering leaving your managed care, then you now have a choice.

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